Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not based in Portland, how far will you travel?

We are based in Portland and can realisitically travel up to 50 miles to serve our clients. Like all talks with Handled, there is always room for dialogue should there be a special request. 

What are your prices?

We offer a variety of pricing options and will work with each specific client on the appropriate way to work together. Options range from retainer fees (time-blocks), to hourly billing, to percentage of goods purchased. 

I don't live in Maine full time, what if I'm not there?

This is common of most of our clients. While you are not here, our team can oversee that your property is properly cared for. Most importantly, you can trust that when you do return, your house will feel like your home, ready to warmly welcome you back in tip top shape.

I see you are working to partner with businesses?

We look to source all of our goods from local vendors and hope to forge long-lasting relationships with all markets ranging everywhere from local grocers, breweries, golf courses, bike shops, and beyond! It is important to me that I support local businesses.


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